It is a highly debatable topic and thus here’s our view regarding its positive and negative effects on society.

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CONNECTING WITH PEOPLE AROUND THE WORLD. Long and Short Essays on Pros and Cons of Social Media for Students and Kids in English.

We have tried to focus on the major points only.

I have used claim of fact in the.

. 2. For example before even big mega news publisher like CNBC, FOX news, etc.

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But also the usage of social media can also have a. . " We are living in a world in which the social media is common and available to us.

For example, if you’re writing about the advantages and disadvantages of social media, you might use a title like “Navigating the Pros and Cons of Social. Some people even use interactive media as a platform to show.



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The Toulmin model is a common approach in academic essays. Then, claim of value for.

Social media is having a really amazing impact on our social life.

Sometimes media like television, newspapers may bring out false information, and they are usually slow, but by using social network sites we can get information quickly and.


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So for this 150-word essay, I have used the 3 types of claim. Social Media definitely has a positive side as well for the people using it. 3. Updated on: Dec 7, 2022. .


Tips on building an essay’s structures. Social Networking Sites Essay for Students and Children.

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Time Consuming: Social media has made the teenagers to lose the emotional connection with their families and friends.