May 24, 2023 · What it means: For the time being, Medicare fee-for-service beneficiaries can expect coverage of RTM and remote physiologic monitoring procedures, and PTs can continue to bill for RTM codes under the Medicare Physician Fee Schedule.


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For example, Medicare Part B and some Medicare Advantage plans require all therapists to utilize the professional discipline modifier on each line item charge.


bill for physical therapy services using the CPT physical medicine and rehabilitation codes. Examples include strength, balance, respiration, posture, balance, and pain. .

CPT Code 97140 should not be billed for passive range of motion exercises.

. 3 for detailed guidance on Medicare’s documentation requirements. A.

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Any CPT code for therapeutic procedures requiring direct one-on-one patient contact (CPT codes 97110-97762) with the group therapy CPT code (97150) requiring constant.

The rule allows practitioners to bill Medicare for one unit of service if its length is at least eight (but fewer than 22) minutes.

Where the AMA differs is that there is no cumulative restriction or adding of minutes, even for time-based codes. .

Medicare Claims Processing Manual, 100-4, Chapter 5, Sections 10. Let’s look at some more examples to help illustrate how the 8.

Other commonly used CPT codes.

The change, supported by APTA, would cover power seat elevation equipment for Group 3 wheelchairs under.

• Provides best practices and examples of approved methods that State Medicaid agencies and LEAs have used to pay for Medicaid covered services; • Gives examples of the types of providers that can participate in Medicaid and furnish covered services within school settings, and; • Provides best practices to enroll qualified providers.

The following summarizes the documentation requirements required under Medicare Part B. Apr 30, 2019 · Physical therapists must be mindful of the following documentation requirements for Medicare Part B. .

. Medicare covers only time spent in the documentation of services (medical record production) of the particular CPT code. This procedure code is defined as a therapeutic procedure to develop strength and endurance, range of motion, and flexibility. required for services furnished by an occupational therapy assistant. . .

The reduction applies to the HCPCS codes contained on the list of “always therapy” services, regardless of the type of provider or supplier that furnishes the services.

It can be difficult to figure out how you should be billing Medicare for therapy services,. .


bill for physical therapy services using the CPT physical medicine and rehabilitation codes.


The decision was announced in a recent email from the MACs and a post on MAC websites.